Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holy Gosh! This is Getting Crazy!

So it turns out that being a student teacher keeps you busy for most of the day, and when you're done you want to sleep a lot. Generally I wake up at five in the morning and honestly, it'd be really nice if I could sleep longer during the weekends.

Soooo... I'm modifying the way things work. No longer will I both watch and write about the shows on Saturday morning. Instead I'll be watching them throughout the week and reviewing them in more even increments. I'll put the post up on Saturday morning and that'll be that. That way I can work during the week and sleep during the weekends. Everybody wins.

That's not the only reason I've suddenly reappeared, though. Over the winter, I tried a Crunchyroll Premium membership free trial so that I could watch the last episode of Can't Take My Eyes Off You as soon as it premiered. Apparently, the system at Cruncyroll records that free trial in the same way that any premium membership is stored. This means that the system thinks that I paid for a premium membership. That was in December.

Fast-forward to a week ago, and I get a message from Crunchyroll thanking me for supporting the site in the past. As a token of their thanks, I was given a FREE 30-Day Premium membership. This is a good deal for several reasons, chief among them being that I can watch anime in HD, which I so rarely get to do.

So I'm putting science week on indefinite hold in the interest of getting current. I'll be using my premium membership to check out the latest shows from the land of body pillows and tentacles.
All I can say is thank GOD Dragon's Lair was made in America.
Otherwise, people would think I was weird.
So that's the new plan, at least as far as I've planned. I plan to sample some newer shows using my premium access as well as finish up some of the shows I liked from the past couple of months in HD. Fun stuff, and nobody has to deal with any tentacles in the process.

It's a win win win!

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